Can you play at our wedding ceremony/drinks reception/dinner as well as providing music for the evening?


Yes, this is something we do regularly. Please get in touch and let us know your requirements. You may prefer to have a smaller group perform earlier in the day (i.e. a duo or jazz quartet) and have the rest of the band arrive in the evening.


Can we choose your set list?


Any suggestions you have are welcome, and we’re happy for you to take a look through our listed repertoire and point out your favourites. However, we never agree complete set lists in advance because, in our experience, choosing the perfect songs depends on judging the atmosphere of the event, and the mood of the crowd, on the night. Please trust us – this is what we do!


Can my friend sing / play with the band?


Unfortunately not. All of our instruments and equipment are the personal property of the band members and are very valuable – not only in terms of their cost, but also because we rely on them to make our living. For that reason, it is always our policy not to let anyone else use them.


How much space do you need?


Obviously, this depends on the size of the group you choose, but is usually less than people expect - we are adept at fitting into unusual spaces! Our ten-piece band requires a space of approximately 8m wide x 4m deep. We can also play outside, but will need to be under cover in case of rain as our equipment is easily damaged, and access to power must be available.